A helping hand with measuring

Guide to measuring

We are happy to provide a fitting service if you require.

We recommend using a metal tape measure to
obtain the most accurate dimensions of your window.


To measure the width´╗┐

The first thing to decide is whether your curtains will hang on a pole or a track. Both should be positioned so the top is 5" - 6" (12-15cm) above the window, and extend between 6" - 8" (15 - 20cm) either side of the window.

To measure the pole: measure the length of the pole (excluding finials)

To measure the track: measure the length of the track.  If the track overlaps in the centre, include the overlap in the track length 



Firstly you need to decide upon the finished length of the curtains, below the sill or floor length, taking into account whether there is a radiator under the window.
Floor length curtains usually sit 1.25cm (1/2") above the floor surface - although a softer more romantic look can be obtained by allowing a little extra which will give you a pooled

Below sill length curtains usually sit around 12.5cm (6") below the sill.

* Please note we will allow for hems & turnings when working out from your measurements.

To measure the drop of the curtains:

Pencil Pleat & Pinch Pleat on a pole - take your measurement from the eye on the ring (the hook drop) to where you would like your curtains to finish, add 1cm so the curtain hangs just below your pole.

Pole 1pic

 Eyelet or tab top - The measurements for this style needs to be taken from the top of the pole to where you would like your curtains to finish - we will add on the 2.5cm (1") upstand if you choose eyelet curtains.



Measuring curtains on a track

Take your measurement from then top of the track to where you would like your curtains to finish.





The blind is being fit into the recess:


Take your measurement for the total width fromA - B and for the length from C - D.  We
would advise you to take these measurements from several places on the window to allow for any irregularities.  Ensure that when your blind is closed there are no obstructions, allowing it to hang freely.



The blind is being fit outside the recess:


Take your measurement for the total width of the blind inside the recess and add 10cm (4") to this width, E - F.  To measure for the length, measure the inside height of the window & add 15cm (6") G - H.


This guide is applicable to Roman, Verticals, Rollers, Venetian & Pleated